Real Magazine Article on Ana Molinari

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Welcome to the Ana Molinari Salon Spa Boutique Blog

Home of exclusive beauty tips, and the hottest head-turning trends from Palm Avenue to Paris!
Ana Molinari Salon Spa Boutiques beauty specialists and artists take pride in sharing the hottest industry-insider tips and beauty trends to do with hairstyles, cuts, color, skincare, nail art, bridal trends, fashion, and makeup.

Join us as we explore topics like working with your hair texture, keeping your hair healthy, selecting the right tools to manage your mane, choosing the best palette for your skin tone, framing your eyes with false lashes, easy updos, and so much more!

Are you ready for a wealth of wisdom that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous? Of course you are.
You won’t want to miss a single tip since we’ll have the newest, latest and upcoming trends and secrets in your hands before everyone else in town! It’s not naughty to want to be the first, and in the know. You’re a trendsetter, so you owe it to those around you to set the pace, and be the one that eyes turn to and ears listen to. Someone is always going to be first – so why not you?

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